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Why Trust Us As Your Pet's Veterinarian?

At Santa Fe Pet Hospital, our veterinary team works together to make sure your pet's needs are always being met and to provide your cat or dog with the finest care.

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We prioritize your pet's long-term health by focusing on preventive services.

At Santa Fe Pet Hospital, we believe that prevention is the most essential component of helping our patients maintain their long-term health and well-being. So, we always encourage our clients to implement a regular schedule of vaccinations and wellness exams for their cats and dogs.

Wellness Exams

Vaccinations & Parasite Prevention

You'll love our caring and approachable veterinarians. 

Our vets are experienced and will always keep you fully informed regarding the health of your pet and the services they recommend. They truly care about the wellbeing of your animal companion and will do their best to keep them in optimal health.

Our Vets

We offer the core services your pet needs in one convenient location. 

We offer a range of core care services for cats and dogs including dental care, vaccinations, wellness exams, and more. From your pet's puppy or kitten days through to their golden years, you can depend on our experienced vets to provide your pet with compassionate care and an accurate diagnosis.

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We can offer quick results and treatment options with our in-house diagnostic lab.

Our veterinarians provide all of our cat and dogs patients with high-quality care. Our advanced in-house lab lets our veterinary team conduct tests such as digital radiology and blood tests, so we can diagnose your pet's symptoms as quickly as possible.

Veterinary Laboratory

Purchase products for your pets easily using our online pharmacy.

At Santa Fe Pet Hospital, we are pleased to provide you with an online pharmacy where you can buy products for your cat or dog, or easily fill their prescriptions from the safety and comfort of home. You and your pet can enjoy the smooth veterinary experience, from prescription to order and pick up.

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Now Welcoming New Patients!

Your search for a veterinarian in Merced is over because our team at Santa Fe Pet Hospital is now accepting new patients! Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your cat or dog.

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